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  • From: 06 september 2025
  • Through: 01 february 2026
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

At Home with the Ter Borchs - A Family of Artists in Zwolle

Four hundred years ago, the city of Zwolle was the home base of one of the most significant artist families of the seventeenth century, boasting world-renowned members such as Gerard ter Borch and Gesina ter Borch. Many exquisite drawings from their youth have been carefully preserved by the family, offering today a unique glimpse into urban life of that era. The Ter Borch family had deep ties to Zwolle, and in 2025, the entire city will commemorate their legacy. The museum will bring together 25 paintings and an additional 75 works on paper from the Rijksmuseum. An unique opportunity to make acquintance with this artistic family from Zwolle.

Photo: Gerard ter Borch (II), Gesina ter Borch, Memoryportrait of Moses ter Borch (1645-1667), 1667 – 1669, oil on canvas, 76,2cm × 56,5 cm, Collectie Rijksmuseum


  • From: 06 Sep 2025
  • Through: 01 Feb 2026
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

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