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Kasteel Het Nijenhuis offers more than a unique museum in an exquisite location. The museum also has an excellent museum café: Hannema's, where it is our pleasure to serve you.

Hannema's is situated in one of the former coach houses of Kasteel Het Nijenhuis. The  café has a lovely patio overlooking the sculpture garden. Hannema's serves delicious coffee with a muffin or pastry, lunch of lavishly filled rolls, homemade soup and fresh salads, or a nice drink. Why not take a look at our menu?

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The museum café is open to visitors during museum opening hours.


At Hannema’s museum café you can arrange for a fully catered picnic basket to enjoy amidst art and nature in the sculpture garden.

This basket (including blanket) contains per person:
- Bottle of orange juice
- Muffin
- Seasonal fruit
- For children: 2 small, spread rolls (sweet)
- For adults: De luxe round loaf filled with cheese, fish or meat (type of cheese, fish or meat depends on our menu at the time)

Price:  Starts at € 12.95, ask for the picnic arrangements
Deposit:  € 50
Bookings:  At least 2 days in advance 
Special requests:  Please place any dietary requests at time of booking


You can also arrange for special gatherings at Kasteel Het Nijenhuis. This unique location is extremely suitable for such occasions as receptions, meetings, birthday celebrations, etc. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Margreet Veltkamp-Scherpenkate via phone numbers + 31 (0)572 388 148 / + 31 (0)613 547 557 or via e-mail: