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  • From: 07 may 2016
  • Through: 02 october 2016
  • Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis

Sibyl Heijnen - Room for reflection

From 7 May to 28 August Museum de Fundatie presents the installation 'Sibyl Heijnen: Room for reflection' in Kasteel het Nijenhuis and the garden room nearby.

The unconventional use of material - such as the combination of rubber and leaf gold, the modelling of construction materials, the painting with synthetic grass and the forms used, all combine to the ultimate monumentality that is so characteristic of Heijnen's work. 'Room for reflection' is all about metamorphosis, and Heijnen establishes a link between mortality/transience and hope for the future; between standstill/degradation and progress. Inside the castle, her work creates a dialogue with 'Still life with a dead swan' by Jan Baptist Weenix, which forms part of the Fundatie collection; a floor painting in vivid synthetic grass, mirrors the painting and is flanked by canvases from the series 'Who draws the line'. De garden room forms the backdrop for a series of recent works for which Heijnen used rubber, leaf gold, parchment, calves' hooves and sheared hides. Sibyl Heijnen (1961) studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and had exhibitions in over twenty countries, one of them a solo exposition in the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, Japan.

  • From: 07 May 2016
  • Through: 02 Oct 2016
  • Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis