Plan your visit

Kasteel het Nijenhuis and Museum de Fundatie both have official conditions for visitors.

- The art exhibits must never be touched, unless it explicitly invites visitors to do so.

- Tripods, Nordic walking sticks, umbrellas etc. must be deposited in the cloakroom.

- Backpacks and bags larger than A3 size are not permitted in either museum. Lockers are available at both locations for storing these items.

- Coats (jackets, cardigans, etc, when removed) must be deposited in the cloakroom and not carried.

- Small bags, etc, not worn, must be held close (against the body).

- The museum management is not responsible for any theft, for example from the cloakroom or lockers.

- Flash photography and/or filming is not permitted. Taking photographs without a flash or a tripod (and solely for personal use) is permitted.

- Buggies, prams and wheel chairs/walking aids are permitted in Museum de Fundatie. Motorised mobility scooters are not permitted in our buildings. If a museum wheelchair is required, the carer may enter the museum for free. Wheelchairs are available for free, please reserve a wheelchair prior to your visit via +31 (0) 572 388188 Please note! Kasteel het Nijenhuis is not easily accessible for disabled people.

- Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted anywhere in our buildings. Consuming your own food in the vicinity of the Museum Café is not permitted.

- Writing or drawing in the exhibition halls is only permitted using (colour) pencil or ballpoint. Using the walls as a support for writing is not permitted. Sitting on the ground is only permitted if the numbers of visitors present will allow this.

- Instructions from staff (as well as temporary adjustments of the house rules) must be followed at all times.

- Pets are not allowed in Museum de Fundatie nor in Kasteel het Nijenhuis and the Sculpture Garden.