Plan your visit

To ensure the safety of the artworks, and to make the museum visit safe and pleasant for everyone, the following house rules apply in Museum de Fundatie Zwolle and Kasteel Het Nijenhuis. 

  • You may not touch the objects on display under any circumstances, unless there is a notice explicitly stating that this is permitted.
  • You may not take a rucksack or bag larger than A3 size into either of our museums. Both museums have lockers where you can leave your bag.
  • Coats, jackets etc. should be hung in the cloakroom; you may not carry your coat or jacket in the museum. 
  • Small bags that are not held in the hand should be carried on the front of the body, and held close. 
  • The management of the museum does not accept any liability for theft from the cloakroom and lockers, or any other part of the museum.
  • You may take photographs or films strictly for personal use, provided you do not use a flash, tripod or selfie stick.
  • Photography for commercial or promotional use is not permitted without the explicit consent of the museum.
  • Tripods, selfie sticks, Nordic walking sticks, umbrellas etc. must be left in the cloakroom area.
  • Filming and photographing by drone is not permitted at Nijenhuis Castle without the explicit consent of the museum.  
  • You may use a buggy, pram, wheelchair or balance bike at Museum de Fundatie. Use of mobility scooters is not permitted inside our buildings. Anyone who has to use a wheelchair provided by the museum may be accompanied by another person who will be admitted free of charge. You may borrow a wheelchair at no cost, but please reserve one prior to your visit by telephoning 0572-388188. Please note! Nijenhuis Castle has poor disabled access.
  • You may not eat, drink or smoke on the premises. You may not consume your own food in or near Hannema’s Museum Café.
  • Writing and drawing are permitted in the exhibition spaces, but only with a pencil (graphite or coloured) or ballpoint pen. You may not write against the wall. You may sit on the floor if visitor numbers permit.
  • Visitors must comply with the instructions of our staff (and any temporary changes to the rules) at all times.
  • Pets are not permitted at Museum de Fundatie and Nijenhuis Castle, or in the sculpture garden.