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Museum de Fundatie connects people with art, makers and each other. Through exhibitions, education, public programs and publications, we make art accessible in our homes and beyond. We arouse curiosity and stimulate social dialogue about visual art and design from the late Middle Ages to the present. We operate internationally while being deeply rooted in Overijssel and Zwolle.

The core values of Museum de Fundatie are open, dynamic, connecting and curious.

Museum de Fundatie is a place for inspiration, dialogue, wonder and debate about art and design from the late Middle Ages to the present. As a home for makers of all disciplines, we are a booster for art and culture in the region and beyond. Our commitment to maximum accessibility, both analog and digital, goes hand in hand with interaction and collaboration with local and international communities. We facilitate research on our collection and provide a platform for experimentation and new ideas. Art has many perspectives; we incorporate these into our programming and research. Interaction with art, makers, visitors and communities creates deep connections and new insights. We work towards a future-proof sector with a focus on education, collaborations and sustainability as central pillars. We celebrate the arts and everyone involved or curious about them.