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What are the opening hours?
Both Museum the Fundatie Zwolle and Kasteel het Nijenhuis are open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11:00 to 17:00. Museum the Fundatie Zwolle is open, free of charge, every first Friday of the month for everyone from 17:00 to 21:00.

On which holidays is Museum the  Fundatie closed?
Both locations are closed on first Christmas Day and New Year's Day.  On all other national holidays both locations are open, also if a holiday falls on Monday.

Is it necessary to reserve a ticket?
No, it is not necessary to reserve a ticket.

How can I pay at the box office?
You can pay both in cash and with card.

Do you accept a VVV-bon or museum gift card as a means of payment?
No we do not accept VVV-bon or museum gift card.

Can I purchase a museum card in the museum?
Yes you can purchase a museum card at the box office, this costs 75.00 euro for adults.

Are there lockers available?
Yes there are free lockers available at both locations.

Can I visit the museum with a group?
Yes this is possible. Will you visit with a group larger than 10 persons? If so, please send an e-mail to

Where can I book a guided tour?
You can book a guided tour by emailing to


Where can I find the museum bar?
You can find the museum bar at the third floor of the museum.

Do you have an app with a map of the museum?
No we do not have this, but there are flyers with a map available.

Is there a walking route?
No there is no fixed walking route in the museum.

Can I take photos in the museum?
Yes you may take photos in the museum, however you may not use your flash.

Are dogs welcome in the museum?
No dogs are not welcome in the museum, with exception of registered assistance dogs.


Is Kasteel het Nijenhuis accessible for people who are mobility-impaired?
Kasteel het Nijenhuis has several floors and unfortunately does not have a lift. Therefore only the rooms on the ground floor are accessible with a wheelchair or walker. However, the sculpture garden is well accessible. There are free loan wheelchairs available. There is also a mobility-impaired parking available, this can be found at the end of the driveway right.

Are dogs welcome in the sculpture garden?
No dogs are not welcome in the sculpture garden, and also not in the castle, with exception of registered assistance dogs.

Is the sculpture garden open in the winter?
Yes the sculpture garden is open in the winter. If it freezes there are sculptures wrapped against the  cold.

Is there a museum café?
Yes there is a museum cafe.

Is there a charging point for electric bicycles?
Yes, this can be found at the end of the driveway, left of the main gate.
Please note: for fire safety reasons the battery may not be stored in the wardrobe(lockers). We therefore ask you to not take the battery along on the terrain.

Is Kasteel het Nijenhuis available to rent as a venue for a party or wedding?
No Kasteel het Nijenhuis is not available to rent as a venue.

Is it possible to take (bridal)photos in/around the castle?
Yes this is possible under certain conditions.

  • Tuesday to Sunday between 11:00-16:30 and by appointment only
  • Only in the sculpture garden, not in the castle
  • Drones are not allowed
  • You must respect the privacy of staff and visitors
  • Requests at least 1 week in advance via