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  • From: 16 january 2016
  • Through: 11 september 2016
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

Machteld - Karel Appel's Muse

In 1955 Karel Appel met his muse - Machteld. A stylish woman, a model with agreat love of books, she was the anchor in his turbulent life.

She died in 1970, only 35 years old. The cabinet exposition "Machteld - Karel Appel's muse" is centred around the monumental portrait that Appel painted of the love of his life in 1962. Another work on display is L’Oiseau Barbare (1961), a paintedtrunk of an olive tree in the shape of a bird. Both pieces are from the collection of architect Karel Sijmonsand his wife Tony. Letters and photographs give the visitor a unique understanding of the special relationship between this couple and Karel and Machteld Appel. Their daughter, Babette Cremer-Sijmons compiled these documents into a book and reminisced the woman who inspired her, too.

  • From: 16 Jan 2016
  • Through: 11 Sep 2016
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie