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Museum De Fundatie attaches great importance to a socially safe working environment, both for its own employees, volunteers and interns, and for those who perform work commissioned by the museum, freelancers, artists, service providers, suppliers. We want a working environment where people can do their work with pleasure and in good cooperation with each other every day.

We therefore do not accept any form of undesirable behaviour in our organisation and have policies in place to prevent it.

If, despite our efforts, a situation arises that you have a question about or would like to report, please feel free to contact the management. We will treat your question or report confidentially.
We also have external (certified) confidential advisers available who you can contact with your question or report. They will be happy to help you.

Zakia can be contacted via E: or T: 088-1119910

Jeroen can be contacted via E: or T: 088-1119910