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  • From: 14 september 2019
  • Through: 05 january 2020
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

STICKS - Turbulence


‘Turbulence’ is an exhibition combining audiovisual installations, text, music and projections

Junte Uiterwijk of Zwolle – better known as Sticks – is working on  new music that will not be released through Spotify or YouTube, or on vinyl, but will be exclusively accessible at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle for four months starting in September. After that it will not be available anywhere. It is a creative collaboration between Sticks, Red Bull and Museum de Fundatie. The exhibition and installations were designed by Circus Family, the visuals were developed by Ira A. Goryainova.

Red Bull Media House: Sebastian Boon - @Segraphy

Sticks: ‘We’re used to new music being freely available to listen to immediately. That makes the listening experience a fairly transient one: there is simply too much availability. But as a maker of music I put my life, time, blood, sweat and tears into my work. I find this contrast interesting. What would happen if you took that music and those lyrics to a place where art is normally “consumed”: a museum in other words?'

Why present music like this? For years Junte performed with Opgezwolle, but this project is about testing value and perception. ‘Will the public’s perception of the new tracks change? Will it make me write differently? Since the work can only be seen and heard there, I will be creating a unique new experience. This will allow people to “undergo” a “Sticks” project in an entirely different, innovative way.’

Preview of the exhibition: © Circus Family

Zwolle born and bred
The musical exhibition has come about under the supportive the wings of Red Bull, and in collaboration with Museum de Fundatie. Sticks’ vision was clear from the start. ‘It’s a fabulous museum and being Zwolle born and bred it was great for me to bring this idea to fruition here. The team at De Fundatie advised us on what we could do with the spaces and they helped us set up. This innovative way of presenting music is in line with Red Bull’s vision. The team used their network and knowhow to bring it all together.’ Working in collaboration, they curated the creative team, helped with the promotion, created the content and advised on all aspects of the project.

Red Bull Media House: Sebastian Boon - @Segraphy

‘We live in turbulent times,’ says Sticks of his own turbulence. ‘This might always be the case, but I have the feeling that the world really is changing. While we are influencing and popping champagne corks for all we are worth, we are hurtling towards destruction. Or maybe we’re not, we’re just more aware than ever before.’

The public will be able to enjoy his new music, produced by Kubus, in the museum. Sticks hopes to create an audiovisual experience that will allow people to access art and music in a completely new way. ‘I’m constantly looking for the uncertainty of the next thing; the certainty of what we’ve already done isn’t interesting.’

Tickets can be purchased as of now through this link

  • From: 14 Sep 2019
  • Through: 05 Jan 2020
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

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