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  • From: 28 june 2024
  • Through: 31 december 2024
  • Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis

Fundatie Collection: REMIX - New perspectives in the castle

Fundation Collection: Remix in Kasteel het Nijenhuis brings together different times and styles from the collections of Museum de Fundatie and the Province of Overijssel, showing new perspectives on both collections.

Kasteel het Nijenhuis itself is already a mix of different styles and times. For although the first mention of the castle dates back to 1382, you see almost nothing of it anymore. The towers were added later, the entrance dates from the 17th century. The rooms were decorated again and again and again, by different occupants and users. The passage of time is therefore almost a tangible thing in this special manor house.

Fundatie Collectie: REMIX in het kasteelPhoto: Martijn Schmidt

Like the building, Museum de Fundatie's collection is always subject to change; an art collection is a living organism, it must keep moving to remain a reflection of the times. Past, present and future come together in a collection: in the objects, stories and ideas of all the different creators represented in the collection. In this presentation of the Fundatie Collection, we mix times and styles. The focus is on works from the collection of the Province of Overijssel, managed by Museum de Fundatie.

Based on four historical figures - Eleonora Bentinck, Hermine Hannema, Dirk Hannema and Paul Citroen - a number of rooms tell the history of the Nijenhuis and of the beginnings of the Fundatie Collection and the art collection of the Province of Overijssel. Other rooms, on the other hand, focus on themes that transcend time, such as spirituality, travel or music.

The foundation for Museum de Fundatie's collection was laid by collector Dirk Hannema (1895-1984). Over time, his collection merged with other collections, such as those of the De Graaff-Bachiene couple, artist Paul Citroen, actor Henk van Ulsen and lung specialist Willem Hogervorst. Over the years, the collection has also been supplemented by necessary acquisitions. Museum de Fundatie's collection includes art and design from the late Middle Ages to the present, as well as photography. Since 1993, Museum de Fundatie also manages the modern and contemporary art collection of the province of Overijssel. Together, the collections comprise about 15,500 objects.

Kasteel het Nijenhuis

  • From: 28 Jun 2024
  • Through: 31 Dec 2024
  • Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis

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