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  • From: 23 january 2016
  • Through: 02 october 2016
  • Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis

Hans van Houwelingen - A posteriori

"Art moves ahead of troops, leaving a moist trail of moralism".  Against the rich historical backdrop of Kasteel het Nijenhuis, with its artworks collected by Dirk Hannema (1896-1984),  a posteriori  is about the friction between current and historical conditions of art.

Hans van Houwelingen, Mushin (no-mindness)

Ralph Keuning, director of Museum de Fundatie, asked van Houwelingen to organise an exhibition based on the collection of Hannema. Van Houwelingen: “Hannema is the most controversial museum director in Dutch art history because of his outstanding collection - even though it includes several false or at least questionable attributions to great masters - his infallible artistic eye and his absolute authority in the art business, as well as his role as NSB representative for Museum” With the benefit of hindsight, Hans van Houwelingen created a number of art works - some of which he attributed to Dirk Hannema - that dubiously engage the collection into a different alliance with time.

Hans van Houwelingen, Memento Natus Esse

  • From: 23 Jan 2016
  • Through: 02 Oct 2016
  • Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis