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  • From: 10 february 2024
  • Through: 26 may 2024
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

Fundatie Collection: REMIX - Ft. Kent Chan, Sibyl Heijnen, Richard Hutten, Aram Lee, Michael Tedja

In Fundatie Collection - REMIX, five artists (Kent Chan, Sibyl Heijnen, Richard Hutten, Aram Lee and Michael Tedja) have been invited to explore, investigate and complement the Fundatie Collection with challenging new work. This ’Remix’ tells new stories, makes new connections and shows different perspectives.

Remix is the first exhibition in a series of exhibitions around the thematic focus for 2024: Building the Collection. These exhibitions create new perspectives and look at the Fundation Collection from different angles that are relevant today.

Old or new, close to home or from afar, works from the Collection tell new stories. Seemingly contradictory works show surprising connections, by making historical and geographical distinctions disappear.

Chan, Heijnen, Hutten, Lee and Tedja’s views lead to new focal points, casting a new light on both forgotten and familiar collection.

Kent Chan (b. 1984, Singapore) is an artist, curator and filmmaker who describes his work as a triumvirate of practices, porous in form, content and context. He is particularly interested in the tropical imaginary, the past and future relationships between heat and art, and contestations to the legacies of modernity as the epistemology par excellence. His work consists of film, text, conversations and exhibitions. He was a resident of the Jan van Eyck Academy (2019/20) and showed his work at the Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht, among others.

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Fundatie Collectie: REMIX - Kent Chan (foto: Peter Tijhuis)Fundatie Collection: REMIX - selected by Kent Chan (photo: Peter Tijhuis)

Visual artist Sibyl Heijnen (b. 1961, Kerkrade) creates monumental objects and works mostly with textiles and rubber. At the Rietveld Academy, she specialized in monumental textile design and painting. She is multidisciplinary and therefore very versatile. Her work is included in various international museum collections and also in the Fundatie Collection.

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Fundatie Collectie: REMIX - Sibyl Heijnen (foto: Peter Tijhuis)Fundatie Collection: REMIX, Sibyl Heijnen - Part of: Room for reflection Venice, 2024 (photo: Peter Tijhuis)

Richard Hutten (b. 1967, Zwollerkerspel) is a Dutch designer, known for his conceptual and humurous functional furniture. He is known as an innovator in design who constantly pushes boundaries. He was involved in Dutch design movement Droog Design and was art director of the Dutch furniture brand Gispen. His designs are also included in the Fundatie Collection and various international collections.

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 Fundatie Collectie: REMIX - Richard Hutten (foto: Peter Tijhuis)Fundatie Collection: REMIX, Richard Hutten - Atlas, 2024 (photo: Peter Tijhuis)

Aram Lee (b. 1986, Seoul, South Korea) is an artist who often creates a combination of performance, film and video installations based on artistic research. Her method can be described as reinterpreting materials, then giving the material a new purpose in her work. She was a guest resident at the Rijksacademie (2023) and resident at the Jan van Eyck Academy (2018/2019). 

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Fundatie Collectie: REMIX - Aram Lee (foto: Peter Tijhuis)Aram Lee - Vowels are connected to the holes of the body, 2024 (photo: Peter Tijhuis)

The fifth artist Michael Tedja (b. 1971, Rotterdam) merges image and text in paintings and drawings, poetry and installations. In his work, the boundary between image and text blurs and runs through, along and over each other. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. He had solo exhibitions in several museums and participated in numerous group exhibitions. In 2023, he was nominated for the prestigious Prix de Rome. His work is part of several international collections, including the Fundatie Collection.

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 Fundatie Collectie: REMIX - Michael Tedja (foto: Peter Tijhuis)Michael Tedja - The diagonal institute, 2024 (photo: Peter Tijhuis)

Discover the Fundatie Collection through surprising perspectives and get to know the collection in a new way by visiting ‘Remix’.

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  • From: 10 Feb 2024
  • Through: 26 May 2024
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

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