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  • From: 16 june 2018
  • Through: 02 september 2018
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie


In his recent work, Jasper Krabbé (b. 1970) literally reverses the conventions of oil painting. For his supports, he uses the back of used artists’ linen or pieces of canvas from old theatre scenery. The untreated fabric sucks up the paint, giving the paintings an open and transparent look. Sharp lines blur; figures become distorted.

In the series devoted to Maria Callas, Japanese influences are apparent. Printed patterns from packaging materials like bubble wrap are sometimes visible and – resembling the grid of dots in commercial print imagery – reference the ‘polka dots’ of Polke, Lichtenstein and Kusama.

This new phase in Krabbé’s oeuvre marks a radical departure from the work exhibited at Museum de Fundatie in 2007. ‘I wanted to get away from the anecdotal and back to the making process itself. And at the same time to give a greater role to the remains of earlier work and to chance. You throw the dice and never know how it will roll.’

  • From: 16 Jun 2018
  • Through: 02 Sep 2018
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

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