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  • From: 05 october 2024
  • Through: 16 march 2025
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

Reset - Delic en Huda, Yussef Agbo-Ola en Josèfa Ntjam

The current era is defined by a series of global crises. Compared with two decades ago, everything seems much closer, as a result of social media. As despair lurks, a collective effort is afoot to create hope and find solutions to heal the world and ourselves.

RESET, an exhibition in Museum de Fundatie’s ‘cloud’ extension, will feature work by Delic & Huda, Yussef Agbo-Ola and Josèfa Ntjam. Responding to the overwhelming pace of modern life, ReCharge by Delic & Huda will offer an immersive experience where visitors can recharge their batteries in a dome filled with enthralling video and sound. In a hypnotic audiovisual performance, their aim is to calm visitors’ nervous system using scientific techniques. The University of Groningen is researching the impact of ReCharge. Josèfa Ntjam explores the idea of resistance as a vital tool for imagining a better future, in a presentation that weaves together mythological and natural elements through sound, poetry, video, installations and sculpture. Yussef Agbo-Ola invites the audience to think about the invisible role of plants in restoring our mental balance, in an altarlike architectural structure enriched with sounds and aromas.

RESET will offer a mood-transforming journey, giving visitors the opportunity to seek new connections in themselves and with others. Discover a place where art becomes a refuge, that offers new perspectives on our lives and renewed hope for now and the future.

Delic & HudaStill from visual mood board for project 'ReCharge' - UNDERWATER 2, Delic & Huda, 2024

Delic & Huda

Delic & Huda are a self-taught artistic duo who release multidisciplinary projects on their own label, combining storytelling, music and audiovisual art to lift their audience out of the everyday.

Delic (Peter Blom, b. 1981) is a music producer, audio mixing engineer, writer and painter. His work reflects his interest in metaphysics and the potential of the human mind, and he seeks contact with the immortal through the ‘enchantment of aesthetics’. Delic came to fame with the hiphop group Opgezwolle and has received various awards, including the Silver Harp and several 3FM State awards for best producer. His visual art has been shown at a number of institutions, including the Van Gogh Museum and Art’Otel Amsterdam.

Huda Blom (b. 1983) is a singer and creative director from Maastricht. She combines music, images and narrative to transport her audience to a magical world. With a background in psychology, the impact of her work on the audience plays a vital role. Her work centres around issues associated with reconciling generational trauma and the passing on of patterns of behaviour. The quality of her voice has been compared to that of Beth Gibbons of Portishead and Patti Smith.

In 2018 Delic & Huda released ‘Kidnap At The Noodle Shop’, launched with a live show in De Melkweg and a solo exhibition at GO Gallery. In 2020 they took their music video ‘Rise Up’ ft. Benjamin Herman to the Berlin Music Festival and released an EP, ‘Behind The Curtain’, with Ziggi Recado. Their album Lone Wolf was released in 2021, with a launch during ADE live in De Melkweg.

Josèfa NtjamJosèfa Ntjam, MARTH, 2023, still video #2. ©ADAGP, Paris, 2023

Josèfa Ntjam
Josèfa Ntjam (b. 1992, Metz, France) currently lives and works in Saint-Étienne, France. She is an artist, performer and writer, and her work combines sculpture, photomontage, film and audio. Ntjam gathers her material from the internet, science books and photo libraries. She uses the assemblage method – combining images, words, sounds and stories – to dissect dominant attitudes to heritage, identity and race. She interweaves multiple narratives, based on research into historic events, science fiction and philosophical concepts, incorporating references to African mythology, ancestor rituals and religious symbolism.

Ntjam has had solo and duo exhibitions in Venice, Paris, New York and London.

Yussef Ola-AgboMEDICINAL Architectural Skin : Species (74.22). Knit: Organic Cotton, Indian Ink, Recycled ocean plastic fibre, Seaweed Fibre. Yussef Agbo-Ola 2023. Image courtesy Olaniyi Studio

Yussef Agbo-Ola

Yussef Agbo-Ola (b. 1990, Newport News, Virginia, United States) is an artist and medicinal architect who lives in London, Lagos and the Amazon rainforest.

Born in a rural environment in Virginia, into a household with mixed Nigerian, Afro-American and Cherokee heritage, his work reflects hybrid identities. It relates to various landscapes, ecology and cultural rituals. Agbo-Ola’s multidisciplinary artistic practice focuses on interpreting natural energy systems through interactive experiments. His work manifests itself as architectural temples, photographic journalism, material alchemy, interactive performance, experimental sound design and conceptual writing.

Agbo-Ola has a Master’s in Fine Arts from the University of the Arts London and a Master’s in Architecture from the Royal College of Art. He has led on architectural commissions for the United Nations, the Institute of Contemporary Art (London), the Serpentine Gallery London, Van Abbemuseum, TEDx East End, BBC Arts, Museum Folkwang, the Venice Architecture Biennale, Palais de Tokyo, Tai Kwun Arts Center, Sharjah Architecture Triennial, Lexus Automotive Innovation Centre Japan, and others. Agbo-Ola is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia GSAPP, where he runs an experimental design studio called The Art of Poetic Environmental Architecture.

RESET is part of the Fundatie Future Factory, a laboratory where multidisciplinary makers seek out the pulse of today’s world and explore the issues that will shape the future.

Fundatie Future Factory

  • From: 05 Oct 2024
  • Through: 16 Mar 2025
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

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