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  • From: 21 september 2018
  • Through: 06 january 2019
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie


Following up on his Goldbrun album, with which he carried off the prestigious Edison Jazz/World Award 2018, Yuri Honing now joins with artist Mariecke van der Linden in creating a gallery-filling ‘total artwork’ at Museum de Fundatie. Opening on 22 September 2018, the show will use music, paintings and installations to reflect on the subject of Europe. It will be an adjunct to the exhibition Giacometti-Chadwick, Facing Fear and the vision of Europe it expresses will connect with that of the two sculptors of the Cold War period, each of whom was responding in his own way to the state of angst and disillusionment in which Europe then found itself.

Mariecke van der Linden and Yuri Honing in Museum de Fundatie, RTV OOST

Yuri Honing (b. Hilversum, 1965) and Mariecke van der Linden (b. Ravenstein, 1973) will turn one of the galleries at Fundatie Zwolle into a Gesamtkunstwerk (‘total artwork’). The room will be completely covered in Van der Linden’s wall-paintings. In combination with Honing’s music and a full-size pietà showing Spinoza as Mary and the decapitated body of Marie-Antoinette as Jesus, the result will be a total synthetic experience. Floor, walls and ceiling will all be involved in the multidisciplinary installation. Each working in his her own highly distinctive way, via art or music, the two artists will respond to political and historical themes under the adage ‘Homo homini lupus’ (‘Man is wolf to man’).

Mariecke-van-der-Linden,-Quatre-Mains---the-Schumanns,-Clara-und-Robert,-olieverf-op-doek,-90-x-180-cmMariecke van der Linden, Quatre Mains – the Schumanns, Clara und Robert, oil on canvas, 90 x 180 cm. 

The collaboration between Mariecke van der Linden and Yuri Honing is unique because Van der Linden was originally a composer, while Honing gives visual art an important place in all his albums. The result of the combination is an extraordinary artistic cross-fertilisation.

  • From: 21 Sep 2018
  • Through: 06 Jan 2019
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie