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  • From: 10 july 2021
  • Through: 03 october 2021
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie

Design by Nature - in collaboration with Biobased Creations

An exhibition about inventive artists embracing the potential and beauty of nature to shape a new, sustainable world.

How can we save the world from the climate crisis? Is there beauty in sustainability? Aware that nature will at any rate outlive humanity, 33 artists have embraced it as their source of inspiration as they set about designing a sustainable world. Design by Nature – an exhibition about building and furnishing houses using bio-based materials – showcases the inventiveness and beauty of applied art, with a basis in nature, all in a familiar domestic setting.

Design by Nature has been curated by Biobased Creations, founded by Lucas De Man and Pascal Leboucq, who were previously responsible for The Growing Pavilion (Dutch Design Week, 2019). This new Future Factory exhibition will highlight the beauty and the potential of a new, circular, bio-based economy.

Studio Marlène Huissoud, COCOON #1, 2017, silkworm cocoons, honey bee bio-resin, photo: © Marlene Huissoud, courtesy of the artist

Martijn Straatman, Manureality, 2019, horse manure, photo: © Femke Rijerman, courtesy of the artist

Nature offers us attractive, innovative, practical solutions to problems like climate change, waste, the squandering of resources, drought and carbon emissions. Artists are experimenting with a wide range of materials and processes, and Design by Nature shows the results. They include a wall of popcorn, a bedroom made of plants, furniture made of insects, shoes based on bacteria, a lavatory 3D-printed from wastewater and an LP made of cow’s blood. The exhibition will illustrate how creative makers have taken over the initiative from big companies, and that it is they who will define the future. Both visitors and the companies that will build the homes of the future will be able to encounter the radical ideas of these artists at Museum de Fundatie.

Aniela Hoitink, MycoTEX seamless jacket, 2018, 100 % mycelium, design in collaboration with Karin Vlug, photo: © Jeroen Dietz, courtesy of the artist

Sinea Kim, This is urine, 2020, enamel of minerals from urine, clay, courtesy of the artist

Basse Stittgen, Blood related, LP of discarded cow's blood, courtesy of the artist

The Exploded View, an installation demonstrating the beauty and power of bio-based circular building, is the common thread running through Design by Nature. Designed by Pascal Leboucq, The Exploded View is a house built on a 1:4 scale that showcases the potential of bio-based circular building. Using the twelve groups of materials in the house as their basis, the participating artists will show how they work with nature, demonstrating what is possible right now, and how we can move step by step towards a sustainable circular society.

The Exploded View, photo: © Nanno Simonis & Eric Melander

The Exploded View: Jute bedroom by Samira Boo, photo: © Nanno Simonis & Eric Melander

This is Overijssel

The sculpture This is Overijssel will also be on display at De Fundatie. Commissioned by the museum from Biobased Creations and purchased for the provincial collection, the sculpture focuses on the power of nature in the province of Overijssel, showing what can be done with its land and agricultural produce. The statue was made using materials and skills available in Overijssel, including blocks made of reeds from the Weerribben fens, local lime hemp crafts, 3D-printed mycelium and discarded paper cups. This is Overijssel is an invitation to think and build local.

With work by:

Blast Studio
Rosie Broadhead
Sebastian Cox
Jonas Edvard studio
Studio Bas Froon & A+Z Design
Full Grown
Gourd project
Clemence Grouin-Rigaux
Aniela Hoitink (MycoTEX)
Nienke Hoogvliet
House of Dus
Studio Marlène Huissoud
Sinea Kim
Jan Klingler
Fernando Laposse
Emma van der Leest
Tomas Libertiny
Materia Madura
Tamara Orjola
Diana Scherer
Hannah Segerkrantz
Valdís Steinarsdóttir
Basse Stittgen
Martijn Straatman
Studio Klarenbeek & Dros
Studio Sarmite
Laura van de Wijdeven 

The Exploded View:

BC Materials 
Samira Boon
Laura Luchtman 
Rik Maarsen 
New Makers
Sebastian Guzman Olmos
Diana Penciu
Carolyn Raff 
Studio Klarenbeek & Dros
Jory Swart 
Tjeerd Veenhoven / Huis Veendam
TU / Delft / Basilisk

This is Overijssel:

Tjeerd Veenhoven / Huis Veendam  
Jory Swart
Studio Blast

 About Biobased Creations 

Biobased Creations use storytelling and visualisation to help create a new circular value system. Their artistic installations highlight the beauty and power of bio-based materials and storytelling, helping to accelerate the vital shift to a sustainable circular society. During Dutch Design Week 2019 they presented The Growing Pavilion, which is completely bio-based, 95% circular and carbon-negative to the tune of ten tonnes. The project received a ‘highly commended’ designation from the jury of the prestigious Dezeen Awards. As a result of this, they were appointed curators of the Embassy for Circular and Bio-based Construction, part ofDutch Design Week. It was in this capacity that, in 2020, they created The Exploded View, a 1:4 prototype of a house built from state-of-the-art bio-based materials, using circular methods. The next step will come this year, when they plan to build a house on a 1:1 scale. With their unique combination of storytelling, visualisation and real data, Biobased Creations have won the admiration of artists, designers and the construction industry.

Design by Nature is part of De Fundatie’s Future Factory, a laboratory where multidisciplinary makers seek out the pulse of today’s world and explore the issues that will shape the future. Their findings are presented in displays both inside and outside the museum.  

Photo Header: Full Grown, The Gatti Chair, 2012 - 2018, Willow Salix viminalis, courtesy of the artist

  • From: 10 Jul 2021
  • Through: 03 Oct 2021
  • Location: Museum de Fundatie